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It’s our 6th Birthday today!

A time to reflect! We really can’t believe it’s been 6 years since we made our first teddy bear and Bear necessities was born! What started out as a small side line business has now become my passion and full time career! I didn’t realise back then when unboxing my first order that those little cuddly friends would lead me down a road of fun, laughter and such rewarding times. Being there to see the smile on a child’s face when they meet their new friends is something I will never stop appreciating. Sometimes their new friend becomes a special comfort buddy for them to turn when they are sad or upset, this makes my job so rewarding, knowing I have helped make a child feel better. I have made a lot of bears in lots of different places over the past 6 years. These have been for all ages including adults to tiny babies. I have travelled across Ireland with my exhibition trailer at shows and events and attended lots birthday parties as well as attending school fun days.

Bear necessities has become so much more than I could ever have wished for with the arrival of so many new teddy bears, the expansion of my exhibition trailer and new shop in Newcastle I am truly thankful to every one of my wonderful customers that have helped to get to this stage of my journey and celebrate 6 years of Bear necessities.

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