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Teddy Bears are for grown ups Too!

Some people may think that a teddy bear is just for kids! Well not in my world.

A cuddly friend can add a little bit of magic & fun to any room! I recently decided to redesign our guest room and after changing the usual bedding, curtains and wall colouring, I realised that the room looked good but a lacked a little of fun! I then added a traditional teddy bear with an outfit that coordinated with the colours of the room. Wow! now it was complete, and I must admit, it did make me smile!

So if a teddy bear placed in a grown up world can make just one person smile.............It has served its purpose in a world that is sometimes too serious!

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1 Comment

Hayden x
Hayden x
Jan 31, 2020

Thats so true!!! I love my bears and my grandbabies do too x

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